Incidents Reporting System “IRS”

“Empower your community with the strength of transparency.”

What is Incident Reporting System?

Incident Reporting System Is a cloud-based system that enables organizations and employees to report and manage rapid incidents online, our incident & maintenance reporting  software ensures that you can handle and track the life cycle of the incident.

IRS  makes responding to incidents faster by automating the routine tasks of incident management, which helps you focus on actually fixing the issue. 

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The benefits of "IRS" for organizations:

Incident Reporting enables you to:

A Visitor Control Module can help organizations manage visitor access to their facilities, improve security, and enhance the visitor experience. By streamlining the check-in process and verifying visitor identification, organizations can prevent unauthorized access and improve their overall security posture. Additionally, by providing visitors with a positive experience, organizations can enhance their brand reputation and build customer loyalty.

Here are some of the Features of  Visitor Control:

Simplify compliant incident-reporting for all staff, contractors & site visitors into one operation.

Provides anyone on-site with an incident report online solution. Staff and visitors can report an incident or injury in real time from any device with internet access. Management get notified instantly using the incident notification system

Rapid Incident Reporting provides an incident management solution to manage the entire incident lifecycle. From a solution to report a site incident, to investigation, corrective actions, response procedures, and statistics reporting, IRS  handles it all with ease.

IRS  can be used to record all incident types including injuries, environmental problems, maintenance issues and quality issues. Attach photos and records of interviews to incident reports. IRS is fully customisable for any business category or industry.

Tailor your incident reporting form to capture the details relevant to your company. Fill out initial details at the scene on your device . Reduce the number of incidents by gaining insight from incident reports about key areas of concern related to the safety record of your business.