Booking System

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Booking System Module

Booking Module is a cloud-based online reservation system that can be used by any business to assist and optimize your organization in workspaces and meeting room booking with attractive and efficient software and displays, integrated with your scheduling system.

This technology was designed specifically for businesses & properties to Simplify your booking process and reduce no-shows with  Booking Module. Our powerful and intuitive system can help you manage your reservations, appointments, and bookings with ease.

Why Use Booking System

Booking System

Our Booking system offers a range of powerful features to help you streamline your booking process

Getting a separate dashboard for all of your bookings that enter your data is simple and convenient. You can see the names, buildings, access points, and availability 

For the admin, you can add all your meeting rooms, lockers, and parking spots from the respective pages using the + sign.

Create a co-working and shared space using our booking management system. Any of your places should be divided into three categories: visitors, public, and corporate only. Make use of space divided.

Prevent ghost reservations and implement the check-in system on your desks or meeting rooms. Use QR codes and other tools to confirm usage.

You can keep more customers by improving your communication in-app.

Send emails, messages, or even phone your clients with a simple swipe to guarantee you don't lose touch with them.

Collect information from your customers with customizable forms that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Booking System Journey

Booking System Steps


Onboarding Info “By Admin”

The admin can add all Meeting rooms, Smart Lockers & Parking Spot in the facility; by entering the: Name - Area - Building - Access Point (if available) - The capacity of the room - The Locker Size - Parking Location Number


Reservation “By Users”

User can make a reservation for Meeting Room Locker Parking Spot Using the available calendar in our Booking module.


Access Control Activation “Automatic”:

After confirming the reservation by user , The Integrated Door Access Control system automatically allows the user to enter the booked place smoothly and easily.


Report Generation “By Admin”:

We offer a wide variety of reports that you can export the activity of users from start to end of the reservation and also provides you with up-to-date information for other business analytics.