Access Control

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How does Access Control Systems(ACS) work ?

Access Control System (ACS) is a system that identifies a person and determines their security access level to physical facilities based on the organization’s rules and procedures. Modern access control systems recognize a person, verify them by examining their identity, and then the person with authorized key will be granted access to the door that they require.


Access is provided in three phases to ensure that this user has access to the requested resources. Typically, these stages are:

Types of Access Control :

Access control allows you to control who has access and how events are monitored, improving the efficiency of your security operation.

This is a security model in which access rights are regulated by a central authority based on multiple levels of security,MAC grants or denies access to resource objects based on the information security clearance of the user or device.

This is an access control method in which owners or administrators of the protected system, data, or resource set the policies defining who or what is authorized to access the resource. Many of these systems enable administrators to limit the propagation of access rights.

The role-based security model relies on a complex structure of role assignments, role authorizations, and role permissions developed using role engineering to regulate employee access to the system.

 This is a security model in which the system administrator defines the rules that govern access to resource objects. These rules are often based on conditions, such as time of day or location.

 This is a methodology that manages access rights by evaluating a set of rules, policies, and relationships using the attributes of users, systems, and environmental conditions.

Main Advantages of Access Control


No need for security guards

With Access Control System (ACS) you can save money and efforts on mechanical locks & security personnel. The Access Control System can verify a person’s identity and unlock the electronic lock without the need for security guards.


No Key Duplication

Using the Access Control System, will free you from the mechanical key loss and duplication whereby the cancellation of a user can be done with a click of button, and the key copying is very difficult.



The Access Control gives you a wealth of information about the access activities in your facilities whereby you can use such reports to inforce user’s accountabilities and help in incidences investigations.